Sunday, 31 January 2010

Blog 11

So here we are in Ashbourne two young ladies playing duets for the general public on a bitterly cold day yesterday, they do however seem to be well wrapped up for their entertainment session. Not so sure that one of the young ladies was too happy about her photograph being taken though, get the look?

Saw this exquisitely crafted handbag in Wigley's Shoe Shop, draped with a beaded necklace. I did ask if I could take a photograph and the assistant agreed that it was OK.

Many will have seen this monument in King's Street, Ashbourne, not quite like this though, as I am showing three sides in the same plane. Thanks to my favourite photo editing program.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Blog 10

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On my way home yesterday from Derby and saw these amazing layered clouds. Looking north east from the bridge over the A50 in Aston on Trent towards Shardlow and beyond.

It is a seven shot panorama, the cam in portrait orientation, Photomerged in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

This photograph was taken just after the ones above, I like the way the tree is illuminated, the sun is getting low down even at 13:20hrs and casting a long shadow. The tree has no life of its own, however it is giving support to the ivy growing around the trunk. Interesting clouds again shown in this capture.

Blog 9

So Blog followers what are these? I have no idea what they are, I found them yesterday at the side of the road that runs through our village.

They were fluorescing in the early morning light, as a torus they are approximately 65mm in diameter and the diameter of the material is 2·5mm.

Any help with identification would be useful.
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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Blog 8

Couldn't resist taking photographs of these two today. Orange being my favourite colour.

Comments on what they are please on the back of a postage stamp.

I'll post the answers in a few days time.

On the left are the guards for a hair clipper and the item on the right is for brushing of loose hairs, used by a tonsor.
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Blog 7

This was lunch today, no cooking at this place tonight, we won't go into the reasons why. The aperitif is tomato juice which has become a staple for me, as no alcohol is to pass between my lips.

The egg needs to be runny, this takes me back to my toolmaking days when one of my workmates, Gordon, was telling me that if his wife cooked him an egg and the yolk was hard he would flip it off his plate onto the table cloth. How horrible is that eh?

So underneath the runny egg is a delicious 10oz gammon steak, chips and a salad smothered in salad cream of the 57 varieties type, as is the tomato sauce. You know what I mean don't you.

This repaste was partaken at the Woof and Quack in Shardow.
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Blog 6

Wandering out of some peoples' favourite shopping mall today, I raised my eyes and saw this image of Louise Redknapp. couldn't resist a snap of it.

Triumph have the bra for the way you are!!! And other items too.
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This shows the advertising billboard in context. It is located on the exit from the Westfield Centre onto the Spot.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Blog 5

Some of my favourite fruits, soaked in rum. Figs, my number one favourite, especially when they are fresh. Apricots and Raisins

Yum Yum Yum.
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Blog 4

So this is the metal coffin that the patient arrived in. Not much life in there, a couple of winking LEDs, I wasn't persuaded by the winking. Much sooner be winked at by a charming young lady.

Prognosis: probably overheated due to the exhausting effort that the beast had been persuaded to do in creating many competition winning images. There was lots of dust build up in the processor heat sink.

After much M to M resuscitation and CPR on the beast, there is now respiration and life is coming back. The winking LEDs this time persuade me that the components now have a purpose in life again.

Shall I place a trip wire inside so that when the operator prepares images for competitions, they look alright on screen, however the operator can never really make them good enough to win again.

Think of it punters we might have a chance of winning a competition.
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Friday, 22 January 2010

Blog 3

This is the Elfin like character that inhabits my life from time to time. The smile is what we are seeing. The glasses are left over after seeing Avatar in 3D.

Elfin's summary of the film in a word "Awsome".

Blog 2

So here we have it, an advertising poster for the Golden Globe winning Avatar, a James Cameron, the Über 'Control Freak', film.

The film, which I saw in 3D with friends and family recently is not about film stars or their performances. Only one of the cast members recently received a minor award nomination: Zoe Saldana who plays the part of Nyteri, is nominated for best supporting actress in the Black Reel awards. It is all about spectacle.

The film is spectacular in it production, visually stunning and a technical triumph as a movie experience. Mostly set on a distant moon Pandora, 4.3 light years distant from earth, where the mineral Unobtanium is mined, much to the dismay of the indigenous population, the Na'vi. The story is set in the forests of the far distant moon, this is where all the action takes place. We sat there, jaws dropping, our minds blowing and taking in the fabulous creatures, the thousand foot trees and skyscapes filled with high floating mountains tremendous waterfalls and the interesting inter-species love story.

The music is very enjoyable too especially when listened to away from the film. In summary 2hr 40min‎ - ‎Rated 12A‎ - ‎Action/Adventure/Suspense/Thriller/Sci-fi/Fantasy

See it!

I See You.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Blog 1

Welcome to my first attempt at a blog! This is where I'll be occasionally posting images during the forthcoming year/s.

Are you sitting comfortably, perhaps you will stay awhile and share some of the photographs that I have taken, tomato soup is on the hob.