Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Blog 88

Yesteryear containers and vessels, these images were taken at the Black Country Living Museum on Wednesday 27th October 2010, do you remember any of these items being used in your home?

Black Country Living Museum website here.

Blog 87

My two images from the competition held at Derby City Photographic Club on Monday 1st November 2010. Not my strong-point composition. The Autumn Leaf would probably, according to the judge Robert Falconer, have been the competition winner if I had presented it rotated ninety degrees anticlockwise!! Drat. Autumnal Leaf scored 18/20 and Holly Berries scored 17/20.

My friend saw the image when we were out walking and said how about that for the competition, whose theme was Colour. Due to the poor light, it was taken at 17:12 hours a bit further north of Derby, there was little light and it was raining, so I upped the ISO to 2000 and exposed the image 1/30sec @ f6.3. I used Topaz DeNoise the remove some of the sight noise present in the image. All processing prior to DeNoise was done in Adobe Camera Raw.

Autumnal Leaf

Holly Berries.