Sunday, 31 October 2010

Blog 86

A small study of leaves and water.

Blog 85

A small collection of fungi that can be seen at this time of the year.

Blog 84

This has to be my favourite fruit of all time, the fig. As it seems to be available at certain times of the year I try to enjoy it while I can.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Blog 83

I have just completed rebuilding a friend's computer, it had been invaded with multi-varieties of Trojans and a particularly nasty version of a scareware program aka Antimalware Doctor.

What a lovely surprise, madame gave me the Gerberas shown in the photograph, my favourite flower.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Blog 82

Photographs from a visit to Buxton, Derbyshire on Saturday 9th October 2010.

This is an amazing arrangement of glassware in a shop in Buxton. I love the myriad of colours.

A Victorian letter box.

And a Victorian band stand.

A shot of the colourful roof in what is now a shopping arcade which was formerly the Natural Baths, by Henry Currey, sits on the site of the original Roman baths. The building was opened in 1854 and re-developed as an arcade in 1987, featuring a barrel vaulted stained glass canopy — the largest stained glass window in Britain — designed by Brian Clarke.

Blog 81

More fruits from mother nature this time from the sycamore tree (Acer pseudoplatanus) collected on my morning walk on Sunday 10th October.

When they drop from the tree, they rotate rapidly like little propellers , slowing their rate of fall. This allows any wind to drift them away from the source tree, where, hopefully they will land a distance from the tree, in the open so that sunlight reaches them, and assists germination and growth.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Blog 80

This photograph was posted in Blog 70, on 24th August 2010 of the Gerbera in all its glory.

These two images, of the same flower, were taken today and this is the end of this particular bloom and it's progeny would be released into the wild, if the plant was growing outside.

I have saved the seeds in a paper bag, in the hope of trying to grow some next year.