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Rod Wheelans MPAGB MFIAP HonPAGB e-news Editor of the PAGB, has published a gallery of images that have been accepted for the award CPAGB:
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APM Awards


The Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) are open only to members of Clubs affiliated to the PAGB through their Federations and are at three levels

Credit (CPAGB) – Blue badge and certificate
Standard: Good Club Photography
Distinction (DPAGB) – Red badge and certificate
Standard: Open Exhibition Photography
Master (MPAGB) – Yellow badge and certificate
Standard: Highest Standard of UK Amateur Photography
The awards are held for life without any annual fee and holders are entitled to use the designated letters after their name.


Applications in still images may be with prints or projected images, but not a mixture.


Applicants must qualify in accordance with their Federation’s criteria as an active member of an affiliated Club. This support must have been given for a minimum of 2 years for CPAGB, 3 years for DPAGB and 5 years for MPAGB from current active photographers. A retrospective period of 10 years may be considered. Applicants for MPAGB must have held DPAGB for at least 11 months on date of application.


Applicants must apply first to their Federation for confirmation of their eligibility. The procedures are available from each Federation.

Your Federation will then provide an authenticated PAGB application form, which is sent, with the fee, to the PAGB Awards Secretary:
Daphne Hanson DPAGB APAGB
16 Meadowlands
Burwell, Cambridge, CB25 0HG
Tel: 01638 741106 E-mail: hanson16@virginmedia.com


Adjudications are held at least twice a year, and there may be catch-up sessions. The aim is that nobody has to wait for more than a year from the time of application. Upcoming dates and Federation hosts are advertised in the Diary.

Applicants accepted for a given adjudication will receive an entry pack by email, including an account/password for the on-line entries system to declare titles and provide image files.

TICKETS: Adjudications are hosted by Federations on the rota shown in APM-Leaflet 5. Unless the event is advertised as closed, applicants may attend for no charge, and observers may purchase tickets to attend. Tickets are available via the host Federation.

Information Leaflets

The leaflets have been generally updated at August 2016 especially to reflect the new method of submitting entries for the APM events.

Prospective applicants must read the relevant information leaflets about the APM system, as well as their local Federation procedures.

Leaflet 1. A General Description of the APM system, with FAQ (Jun-17)
Leaflet 2. Guidance for Entering PDI & Prints (Jun-17)
For background information, these leaflets are administrative.

Leaflet 5. Hosting arrangements for Federations, including the hosting rota (Jun-17)
Leaflet 7. Support for Federation APM Workshops (Jun-17)
Leaflet 8. Advice for Mentors (Jun-17)

APM Awards

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