Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Blog 120

What do we have here then? In a conversation with my good friend N recently she said that at a local school they had held a jar raffle. I suggested the idea to our local history group committee and they decided to try it.

The idea behind this is that as many members are encouraged to fill a glass jar with anything that might be appealing, then all of the jars are labelled with raffle tickets and the rule tonight will be that you can buy as many raffle tickets as jars you donate.

The great thing about this idea is that everyone wins a prize.

The contribution from here is shown below, so left to right. A skipping rope, hundreds and thousands, metallic balloons, mini marshmallows, party poppers, kids scarf and gloves and another skipping rope. Incidentally the skipping ropes were two for a pound from one of the local Pound shops.

At the meeting last night Tuesday 22nd February forty one jars were donated and a total of £47 was raised from this raffle and everyone who purchased a raffle ticked won a jar.

Some people won back what they donated, I noticed that there was some swapping going on. Excellent result.


  1. Excellent idea and I hope that your Group generates a lot of funds.

  2. What a great idea Barry, I'm going to suggest this to the fundraising committee at the Nursery where I work! Nice photo too.

  3. Sad. I notice that there were no Allsorts! Pardon me whilst I sort out a yellow and black.